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Pen test options/types:


#1718 * D4D Test

(most commonly used)




#1448 * METH X Test


#1208 * COCA Test


#1618 * BZO Test


#1050 * CANNABIS Test


#1118 * HEROSOL Test


#1465 * EPHEDRINE Test


#1918 * LSD Test


#3018 * OPIATES Test

For general drug screening. Marijauana, heroin, amphetamone, methamphetmine, PCP, morophone, methadone, codeine, ketamine, ephedrine, pseudophedrine.


Methamphetamine and ecstasy screening.


For cocaine and crack cocaine screening.


For diazepam and rohynpal screening.


For marijauna screening.


Heroin and other drug screening.


Ephedrine (meth) screening.


LSD (acid) screening.


Codeine, morphine and opium screening.

These simple inexpensive easy to use test kits are ideal for the landlord, property manager, property investor, room mates and/or parents suspecting possible drug activity within their properties or homes. Acheives 99.8% accuracy if used correctly. Easy to read chemical color chart yields results instantly.

All pen test kits are available for purchase. Test kits sell for $10.00 each plus $1.50 S/H or 6 for $50.00 plus $3.00 S/H. Please call (801) 377-0901 to order or contact: for further information.

* Detects/Traces Drug Residues * Bulk Drug Detection and Identification * Multi- Use * Will Not Destroy Surfaces * D4D   and COCA Tests Detect Most Drugs With Two Tests *

Radon Test Sampling/Monitoring:


Free radon canister sampling with all home inspections. Some restrictions apply. Please call for details. Radon canisters are sold separately for the do-it-yourselfer. Canister must sit untouched for 3-5 days. Simply mail it in. Results in about 5-7 working days. Canisters sell for $15.00 each or two for $25.00 plus $3.00 S/H. Radon level digital monitoring at $15.00 per day.

Asbestos Sampling:


We sample/test houses for asbestos fibers. This is an ongoing test for indoor air quality contamination only. These tests/samples may not be used for any type of demolition purposes. Costs vary depending on location. Please call for details.


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