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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services?

Whether your looking for a full service prepurchase home inspection, investing in rental or flip properties, getting your current house in order to sell, are concerned about safety issues, possible environmental issues or possible illicit drug activity, A-1 Inspections Services will be there to provide you with the information you will need. We proudly utilize Palm-Tech Home Inspection Reporting Software, FLIR technology and certified accredited laboratories for our testing and sampling services.

What can we expect?

Alot and much more. We always start at the approach, move to the exterior, the roof top, the interiors and then the attic. As certified independent home inspectors, we will provide you with everything you need to know, not just the critical issues. As well as a full written itemized report, one will be notified of all maintenance hints and tips to keep the property properly maintained.

How long does the inspection take?

Generally, each inspection takes about 6-8 hours to complete. Onsite, one can expect to spend about 3-4 hours at the property. It then takes about another 3-4 hours to fill in, summarize, complete and email the report. Inspection reports are usually ready and will be emailed by 9:00 PM that evening or by 5:00 PM the following day. The signed hardcopy is snail mailed to the clients current home address.

Can we be present for the inspection?

Yes! All clients are more then welcome to be present for the entire inspection. If pressed for time, it is best that one comes by towards the end of the inspection so there are answers for your questions. On occupied houses, if bringing the kids, one should get permission from the occupant/homeowner prior.

How much does the inspection cost?

Full service home inspections generally start at $375.00-$400.00 up to 3000 SF and/or depending on location. They generally increase about $25.00 per thousand feet over that. Radon testing (single canister) is $45.00 with local full service inspection or $150.00 for 48 hour electronic testing with a full printed hourly radon report. Drug/meth sampling starts at $125.00 (single sample), $100.00 per additional sample(s). Mold testing starts at $325.00, locally (discounted with the full service home inspection). Please call for asbestos or lead services and/or pricing. FLIR I/R imaging available for thermal imaging or electrical heat signatures, please call for pricing. Special pricing for property investors on multi unit dwellings. We do offer senior, active military and veteran discounts.

What does the inspection cover?

All inspections include, but are not limited to, the inspection of the: approach; grading, grounds and drainage; foundation and footings; structural members and masonry; roofs, attics, basements and crawlspaces; exterior claddings/coverings, doors, and windows; electrical, plumbing and mechanical; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; insect and rodent detection; a mold evaluation related to any past possible water damage. FLIR electrical heat signature imaging. Complimentary "do it yourself" radon testing/sampling.

Home Inspections

The home inspection is by far the best investment for the home buyer when purchasing the property. The inspection is a full indepth observation of all areas, items and/or systems outside and inside of the structure. All clients are welcome for the entire inspection. If pressed for time, it is best to come by towards the end of the inspection for the walkthrough.

FLIR/Mold/Radon/Asbestos Sampling

In addition to full eservice prepurchase home inspections, A-1 Inspection Services performs onsite mold sampling, radon sampling, asbestos sampling (not to be used for demolition purposes) and FLIR digital thermal imaging. Onsite testing/sampling is an additional fee. Expect a 5-7 working day turn around time for sample/testing results. Please call for details and/or pricing.

Drug/Meth Sampling

Unfortunatly, Utah like many other states, has a drug and/or drug lab problem. A-1 Inspection Services offers full onsite drug sampling. All drug sampleas are analyzed by accredited laboratories. Test sampleas are usually available about 5-7 working days after the lab receives the samples. Please call for details and/or pricing.

We offer a variety of payment options:


We accept cash, checks and credit cards (CCD's +3% P/F).

To pay through PayPal or Venmo please click the PayPal or Venmo button.

We can bill to closing costs (some restrictions apply, please call for details).


Due to inflated credit card and bank processing fees, a 3% processing fee will be charged on all credit card transactions.

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